AFB 860 Tool D73

  • Diabolo rolls are mounted on the front (easier handling).
  • Diabolo rolls instead of a run-out shell (fewer scratches and precise guiding for narrow seam coating.
  • Connection is manufactured of a titanium alloy with a very small expansion property.
  • Support is suitable to fit in the existing mountings.
  • Hour glass rolls (11 and 1 o’clock) are made of high temperature ceramic.
  • Diabolo rolls are fully insulated.

  • Lead-in shell is made of a synthetic-ceramic compound which is wear resistant and insulating.
  • Ampco - lead-in shells provide a smooth transfer.
  • pre-calibration with solid ceramic rolls.
  • Rounding shell with stainless steel hard-chrome coating.
  • Internal rollforming mandrel with deflecting-insert.

  • Roller guide suitable for the existent mountings.
  • roller guides are equipped with magnets.
  • Intermediate shell made of synthetic-ceramic compound which prevents spark formation in the rounding shell area.

The tool sets are delivered with setting mandrel and all adjusting segments.

The attached movie shows the tool set in production at 600 cpm.

Soudronic Welder AFB 860 equipped with Sabatool Movie