Toothed Belt Set to FBB Feeder Unit 1
Toothed Belt Set to FBB Feeder Unit 1

The SABATEC toothed belt set upgrades your consisting FBB welder. With the weight reduction and the replacement of the conveyor chain, welding speed can be increased to 700 cpm. The toothed belt set doesn’t require any lubrication. This helps you to keep a clean production without any possible grease leftovers in your production line.

for FBB400/500, FBB5501, FBB5600, FBB5701

Sabatec GmbH _ Toothed Belt Set _ E1FBZ4900
  • Lubrication free
  • Easy to install
  • Welding speed 500-700 cpm
  • Long-lasting belt dogs with ceramic pins